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Minneapolis, MN
reply to Karl Bode

Re: Gee, which side are you on Karl?

OK, now you've gone off the deep end.

To flatly state that the FCC- who got their information from the initial Verizon complaint and the Journal story- "made up" the story is a complete falsehood on your part, even if Tampa's claim that they got some details wrong is true. Not even Tampa is claiming they "made it up entirely".

You lied to your readers, and not for the first time- see the AT&T "won't compete on price" stories for another recent example.

Karl Bode
News Guy
I understand you feel your baby bell livelihood is being threatened because a consumer-oriented website doesn't regurgitate the world-view forged in Qwest meeting rooms, but on top of attacks of objectivity, now you're just being obnoxious and ignoring the things I'm writing.

One last time:
said by you :
Not even Tampa is claiming they "made it up entirely
From the article:
Smith, who negotiated with Verizon in Tampa, says Martin's allegation neither was in nor a condition of the franchise agreement. Martin's characterization, the lawyer said, was "complete and abject fiction."
Fiction as you're aware, is something that is made up. Now let's look at what I wrote:
Some localities say that the FCC and telco lobbyists demonized the existing franchise system to get that vote through and, in some cases, made up stories entirely.
Note I don't claim the FCC lied, I point out that's the claim of the municipality, which it is.

I'm sorry you think I'm being unfair. I think it's unfair you feel the need to attack my objectivity instead of the facts because something I wrote doesn't mesh with your world-view.