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Clarksburg, PA


I have 128k isdn connection and currently play World of Warcraft on 2 separate computers networked throught the same 128k with no problems at all. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a third system running WOW at the same time on the 128k connection?

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Utica, MS
Have you tried raiding with one or both or your accounts on the same connection? Also, have you tried playing and using TeamSpeak/Ventrillo?

I am still contemplating getting an ISDN connection at my house since it is so expensive for me.

Thanks for your time.


Clarksburg, PA
Yes, both accounts have been in raids at same time with no problem. Vent is used as well with little problem......can lag a bit but I think I need to up the ram in both computers from 1 gig to help out.


Little Rock, AR
reply to barticus733
I also have 2 accounts and ISDN. The only time I have problems is when there is alot monsters and people on the screen. An example would be the suppression rooms in BWL. I can almost gurantee I will disconnect at least once when the raid begins to move through the room.

Other then that, ISDN works great for playing WoW, with 2 accounts and Ventrillo.



Moss Landing, CA
reply to barticus733

Wireless alternatives

Make certain you comb the area for Wireless......

Do everything in your power to not submit to ISDN prices. Ive spent10k on it. RAPED.

Its milder now, but im getting to the point where id rather help you get an alternative nowing all the tricks of the trade. You learn alot by making all the mistakes. lol

I had ISDN for 2 years when i had wireless fiber speed available but i didnt look hard enough...and trust me...i Looked everywhere.

I was at the point of paying for somebody in the city then setting my own point to point wireless radio link. Or starting an internet company..

To kill thses last of the ISDN sufferers...Robbed leagally by monthly painment of these scum interprises. I will not be happy untill there reamains not 1 ISDN user.

This was old 10 years ago. When is it going to STOP.

Shit i almost hate ISDN more than the other problems in the world at this moment. ITs a disease with a cure that they wont administer.

Has old Eddie gone crazy or do i just speak my mind.

take leiency for my bad behavior moderators. Remember The telcos robbed you once too.


Aztec, NM
reply to barticus733


Eddie, I need to buy you a beer sometime and we need to talk.

See my other post to see what I'm paying. I wish I had more neighbors line of sight. I would be all over a internet company, not so much to make a profit, but just to get some decent bandwidth. I'm serving 2 households off of isdn and then wireless as it is, and the in-laws don't even help pay for the account.

I just added it up, I pay $150/month for ISDN. That is $1800 per YEAR!

All so QWORST can make 225 million dollars in excess regulated profit per year. In New Mexico ALONE!