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North Andover, MA
reply to openbox9

Re: The issue is FREEDOM

If they're not doing it, then the legislation won't effect them. The fact is, they said they were going to charge service providers for "using their pipes". They (whitacre) started the debate.


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But nothing has been implemented. Do people not realize that legislating things that aren't broken more often than not tends to make situations worse. Less government is usually better Not to mention, I'd rather my tax dollars go towards things that are broken.


North Andover, MA
Umm, it is broken, that's the problem. This will keep it from getting wrecked more. It's broken because it's not possible to compete as an ISP, when your competition owns the network you're competing on.

I'm all for less government. Unfortunately, unless we let everyone who wants to build a network in public ROW's (which would blot out the sun) then less government, in this case, is not possible.

T1 Rocky

Dallas, TX
reply to openbox9
I totally don't follow your logic about it not being broken? That's sort of like Iran with nuclear capacities saying that Israel should be wiped from the map....but Iran hasn't done anything yet so let's not worry about it.

After we have lost netneutrality is not the time to address the issue. Hell, if we are loud enough on broadbandreports.com and we make enough noise then Verizon, AT&T and the telcos can literally stop passing traffic to the BBR website. What would stop them?

Losing netneutrality will have far reaching consequences that we haven't even realized yet.