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Capitol Heights, MD

Re: Mac the BA DSL Guy

Hello Mac,

Let me clear up some of your problems with the
T2 question. Let me start by doing a process flow
map for you.

1. Trouble gets called into the trouble center in

2. If help desk technician can fix the problem
great, if not the trouble gets referred to Teir
I tech support.

3. This is located in VA (Norfork) to be exact.
The Teir I support is call HSS High Speed
Solutions Center. It is their job to locate
the possible cause of the dsl problem. If they
find the problem the process ends here with a
call to the BA Data Network Operations Center
Teir I support, to contact Teir II or to repair
the problem (get at tech out to the customer
location or to fix the internal network
problem). If the problem can not be solved,
a trouble ticket is put into the BA Data NOC.

4. Once the trouble ticket is put in a BA Data Noc
Teir I tech looks at the ticket and does a few
preperscribed test to find out line conditions,
and if the customer is in sync (has connection
to the ASAM (DSLAM)). If this test fails a tech
should be dispatched to repair the line fault
condition. If this test is successful this
becomes a no route trouble and is sent to a
higher level of Teir I support.

5. At this point the Teir I tech will see if the
customers MAC (Media Access Control) address is
in the Bridge table (ARP Cache) of the router.
If MAC address is there, a throughput test is
done to see if the customer has good
throughput within the network from the end user
customer to the router. If this test fails Tier
II is called in to investigate if this is an
ASAM (DSLAM), ATM Switch, or a router problem.
IF the test is a success, Teir II is called in
to investigate if the problem is being caused
by the router, the public ATM network, or the
6. If the problem is solved at the BA Data NOC the
ticket is closed out and the problem fixed.

Now there are only three problems that a customer can have. They are: No Sync, No Route, Slow
Throughput. For those who want to debate this,
Slow Throughput and syncing at the wrong speed, to
me are the same.

As you may have noticed I left out the use of the
term Broadband. This group no longer exsist as
Broadband. Broadband is now BA Data Network
Operations Center.

I hope this helps

Interesting report shuttle. I did not know that about Broadband. Is that new, and if so why has'nt it tricked down to us?


Capitol Heights, MD
The "Broadband" center was once known as The Bell
Atlantic Broadband Service Center or BABSC. The
Center underwent a name change to The Bell
Atlantic Data Network Operations Center or
BA-DATA-NOC (some even call it The BADNOC, but
that name is frowned upon). This is due to the fact that Bell Atlantic needed to define the
function of the "Broadband" center to provide a
clearer picture of its purpose. The term Broadband
was not descriptive enough, and was the source of
much confusion when it came to trouble tickets.
The term Data Network Operations Center gives the
correct picture of a center which contain many
groups and Tiers of support. The term teir I, and
teir II can apply to any number of technical
groups within the BA-DATA-NOC. Each piece of
network equipment has a tier I and II support
group. For example IU Activation, Network
Creation, SP Activation, and MCO are Teir I
functions. While Tier II is more concerned
about the actual network equipment: ASAMS (DSLAM),
(ADN) ATM Switches, Routers, Test Servers, and
(Public) ATM Switches. It can be said that once
you are at this point you will be handed over to
the Teir I and Teir II of the ISP, be it BAIS,
AOL, SNJI, or some other ISP. The Broadband name
gave the impression that you the customer was
handled in one continuous path of service from
your ADSL modem to the Internet. This is just not true, service happens as a result of a series of
hand offs and teir hopping: Ex. Teir I of one
group to teir I of another, then to teir II of
still another group. You get the the picture.
I must say that this can become confusing on
a trouble ticket, but the most important fact to
remember is that most of the Teir I folks are
inexperienced and undertrained, and the Teir
II folks are overworked and overloaded with
internal network infastructure problems.

This is still no excuse for poor service, but given time Bell Atlantic will be able to get its
people up to speed.

I hope this helps.

Quite a bit actually. If you don't mind I will ask Justin to add this your section to my report with the appropriate credit of course. This clears up quite a few gaps.

Of course I have heard of Data-NOC, and I do see reference to it now and again. When we transfer to Broadband Oasis says "Refer to BABSC". That now makes perfect sense. Thanks again!!!

Long Beach, CA
reply to shuttle835
I really hate to nit-pick you guys, since you're being so complete in your explanations, but you keep spelling "Tier" wrong.
Otherwise, EXCELLENT job of reporting. I've done more Tech Support than I ever wanted to, and I know exactly where you're coming from.
Heard any good cup-holder stories lately ?
Regards, Jim


Capitol Heights, MD
Ok, I get it "i before e except after c.