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Joe citizen


The real crime

The real crime is that these telcos were given BILLIONS in subsidies and tax breaks to encourage them to build out their infrastructures to support today's needs.

They were happy to take the money, but only built out to the absolute minimum requirements, thus maximizing profits.

You want to prioritize the network. Fine. Then pay back all the BILLIONS we taxpayers put forth to subsidize all your efforts. It is clear that the telcos want their cake and your cake and my cake while their stuffing themselves.

Ultimately, these are local monopolies, so that government should step in to make sure the consumer is protected. Sadly, this administration seems to feel the citizens of this country are nothing more than cash providers for corporations. These corporations are allowed to rape and pillage the American population with substandard connections (compared with other nations) AND they receive BILLIONS in corporate welfare (which are also our dollars).