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Miami, FL
reply to lorennerol

Re: Speakeasy 2.0

From the article

"In addition, the two companies agreed to create a partnership in which Speakeasy will resell Towerstream's wireless broadband in the seven markets where it operates. Details of the partnership and financial terms of the sale were not disclosed."

But they are sharing there network's in exchange. So Speakeasy has just acquired reselling privileges of Towerstream's wireless broadband which is fixed WiMAX solutions.
The only limits we have are the one's we set ourselves.



Re: Speakeasy 2.0 - IPO - via Girls gone Wild

So Towerstream merges with University Girls Calendar (Shell) and trades on the over the counter and does a deal with Speakeasy. WOW sounds like a WiMAX power house - University Girls + Towers + Speakeasy = Bruce is Brilliant.
Who couldn't believe in SLAs from the Girls Calendar at a Speakeasy?

On January 12, 2007, Towerstream completed a merger with a wholly-owned subsidiary of University Girls Calendar ("UGC"), a publicly traded shell company. As a result of the transaction, the former owners of Towerstream became the controlling stockholders of UGC and UGC changed its name to Towerstream Corporation. Accordingly, the merger of Towerstream and UGC constitutes a reverse merger.


New York, NY
This is not an uncommon financial ploy...merging with a "shell" public company in order to "go public" on the cheap. Many have done it...some with remarkable success...but I think the general feeling on "the Street" is that when a company does this, it's because they don't have the financial wherewithall to enter the public markets in a more traditional manner, i.e. IPO. For me, this isn't a sign of strength so I don't hold out great hope for the longterm viability of the company.