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This is a sub-selection from Time to bring back regulations


Richmond, VA
reply to karlmarx

Re: Time to bring back regulations

I will agree with you on the 10 channels.

But what I would like to see, and I am sure it can be done, if it has not been done already.

I would like to pay for 30 channels, but have to option to swap and interchange those channels on a daily basis, the cable compaines could charge me for haveing my block of 10/20/30+ chanels on a monthly basis, then charge a dollar or whatever each time i wanted to swap a channell. then also maybe have the ability to trial or preview chanells not in your line up.

they would make a killing! and i would be much happier paying for 20 chans of selected content at 19.99 a month than paying for 200 chans of wich i only wathc about 10-20 of, for close to a hundred bucks a month.