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Northford, CT


It makes me angry that the RIAA is having so much success blaming their shortcomings on "piracy". Sure, like if illegal downloading didn't exist, sales would be through the roof. What utter bullshit.

Maybe if you signed some acts that would sell records things wouldn't be as bad as you say they are. Maybe if you didn't try to screw your consumers and sue them, things wouldn't be as bad as you say they are. Why are DVD sales thriving while CD sales stagnate? Because DVD producers give fair value. Too many damn times, CDs dont.

It also makes me angry that the media - and the AP especially - choose to do little more than parrot the RIAA's agenda. That downloaders will be prosecuted when in fact the focus is on uploaders who download.

Only the RIAA would use litigation, or the threat of litigation, as a business strategy, with the stooges in media as all-too-willing partners. They are trying to do something no one in the history of America has ever done. They are an organization that is failing and desperately clinging to a bad business model that no longer works, that has to resort to using scare tactics and media manipulation to goose sales.