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West Orange, NJ
reply to capecoddah

Re: Simple Solutions...

Who the hell can relax at an airport? Rush, rush, rush to get to the airport hours early. Then find parking far away, wait for transportation to the airport. Then drag your bags over to the check-in line and wait. Then drag the bags over to the TSA people. Wait in the line to check IDs at security. Wait in the security line. Strip all your outerwear and shove it into those trays. Have TSA take away some new contraband they came up with or a water bottle you forgot about or whatever. Get to the other side, try not to miss anything, put your shoes back on. Then get gouged for drinks on the other side of security because they know you can't bring liquids in. And after all that, they tell you you've got to pony up to run your laptop?

If private charters were even remotely affordable I'd use them. I don't know how people can stand this shit.


Yarmouth Port, MA
You're the person I'm talking about !!!! 10 points !!!
Instant gratifcation is the problem. Think about before you were born. Trip to anywhere would take days if not longer. Granted, the tube-top/t-shirt/sandal wearing crowd hits the airports now, but be a gentleman/woman and PRETEND that you are flying Pan Am "Clipper Class". Arrive early and smile. It takes 3 days to get to my place in East Jesus, Russia. House-ride-bus-Logan-JFK-London-Moscow, train-that-would-kill-you, East Jesus... 2 days BEST TIME! 5 worst. Would take months years ago. Poor you!!! And some people don't speak Americanized English, "those savages". Life isn't all that bad if you HAVE to travel.

Computer? I use a ruler and pencil to draw thoughts, then AutoCAD. I read, write, sleep and get ready for the personal talk that I have invested time in to travel. I smile, look like an idiot and call home-base when I get there. My old boss couldn't understand that. That's why I have his job.


West Orange, NJ
I bet you walked to school uphill both ways in the snow and liked it, too.