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Chicago, IL
reply to patcat88

Re: holy outages batman!

Wow! Are you really serious? Just in case you are...

said by patcat88:

So there should be a charge to use the bathroom, or have a roof over your head at the airport?
To the former, why not? If the airports were so evil, they could certainly charge a very nice price for facilities after you down that taco bell special. How much would you be willing to spend to not embarass yourself? Count public bathrooms as a blessing

If a roof could be coupled to each individual...

said by patcat88:

How about a non-strip search fee?
When they can figure out a way to make strip searches mandatory...duh..

said by patcat88:

What about air, maybe they shouldnt heat or cool, and you can rent a heated/cooled golf cart to move you around, or rent a heated/cooled box to sit in?
Excellent idea. Unfortunately, heating and cooling is a positive externality to the traveler...they have to provide those employees with a safe working environment.

said by patcat88:

What about light?
See above.

said by patcat88:

What about a fee to rent "airport" shoes so you dont get the floor dirty?
If it were cheaper, they would. Bowling alleys do this frequently enough (so do us people that hire maids - albeit we just fire them if they don't).

said by patcat88:

And a muzzle so you dont spit or chew gum?
Nah..easier to confiscate gum at the door and spitting is already generally illegal if you're caught doing it and someone wants to dig our archaic laws.

However, how does any of the above imply you have a right to power?


Jamaica, NY

Same as we get all the above for free with a airport (you can replace human workers with kiosks and robots for most tasks, for security searching, you can use those new radar/see you private parts MRI/xray machines, with the operators enclosed in lighted, HVACed, roofed rooms, on the note of employees in buildings, if they need to remove and areast you because your angry at this nickle and diming, that can be free, the other people can bear the cost. Basically, now the airport has 2 zones, a premium all inclusive building with all amenities but for major major money, but every one else (or if you a la carte) has to deal with sandy/muddy field with chainlink electrified fences and barb wire for diving areas, employees work inside buildings or are outsourced to India).