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Tulsa, OK
reply to xsiddalx

Re: wow new business venture:

This is a very late reply, and yes, United is "passing through" the charge, but where do you think it came from in the first place? Oh, yes, that's right, the airport! This is why when you have one or more connections, you pay more in PFC. Every time you land, you pay the fee. The charge is a charge to you, that the government requires that the airlines collect for the airports, rather than having turnstiles where you deposit your money upon deplaning.

You think the airlines get to keep the sales tax or the excise tax they charge you, either? Now I'm the one rolling my eyes.

The airlines pay the airports for what they use, we pay the airports for what we use. Plus they get government money to pay for things like runways (in addition to what they rake in from PFCs)