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Waldwick, NJ
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS

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What does it really cost? Look here

I figured I would start a thread that maybe others can add there own bills to in order to provide info to others looking to get the service and find out the actual costs. Probably better if there weren't questions and someone started their own thread if they had questions (wishful thinking on my part).

So here's my breakdown of what it costs in Waldwick, NJ for the "triple play" without any annual commitment and therefore no discounts associated to any commitments (such as a free SD STB for TV @ $5/mo). In addition, I have a non-published number so that adds $1.45. This isn't the first month where you might have some extra install charges (Internet or additional TVs) along with any partial month payments that hit your 1st bill.

The biggest difference between the $95 Triple Play and what I'm paying is in the TV area where adding the movie/sports packages ($41.98) + STBs ($34.96) add just under $77 to the bill, nearly 80% above the base cost.

- Fed Sub Line Charge : $6.50
- Non-published number: $1.45
- Fed Universal Service Fee: $0.63
- Fed excise tax: $0.24
- State tax: $0.17- (credit)
- E911: $0.90
Basic Phone: $9.55
Triple Play credit: $11
Final Basic Phone cost: $1.45- (credit)

Long Distance
- Verizon Freedom Essential: $44.99
- Fed Universal Service Fee: $1.05
- State tax: $2.87
Long Distance Phone: $48.91
Triple Play credit: $21.98
Final Long Distance Phone cost: $26.93

Final Phone (local + LD) cost: $25.48

- 20/5: $44.95

Final Internet cost: $44.95

- FIOS Premier: $42.99
- Movies & Sports: $15.99
- HBO/Cinemax: $25.99
- 3 SD STBs: $14.97
- MR DVR: $19.99
- Video Franchise Fee: $4.00
- CATV Universal Access Fund: $0.55
TV Monthly cost: $124.48
Triple Play credit: $10.00

Final Monthly TV cost: $114.48

Grand Total: $184.91
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C'mon the U
Wilmington, DE
This is great info. So you're saving almost $43 a month with the Triple Play discounts??

Damn, I better call in now to see if DE is offering this.
"ONE team - ONE city - ONE dream!!"

C'mon the U
Wilmington, DE
·Verizon FiOS

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Delaware Prices


Verizon Freedom Essentials $43.99
Speed Dialing 8 $1.70
Federal Universal Service Fee $1.05
Federal Subscriber Line Charge $6.50

Total $53.24

Federal excise tax $0.25
E911 $0.60
Federal Universal Service Fee $0.63
Total Tax & Fees $1.48

Total Phone: $54.72


Verizon Fios Internet Service (15/2) $44.95

Full Month: Feb 1 to Feb 28

here! $7.99
FiOS TV Premier $42.99
Movies and Sports $15.99
HBO/Cinemax $25.99
High Definition STB Rental* $9.99
DVR Rental* $12.99

Total FIOS TV $115.94

Tax & Fees (FIOS TV) ** Note - this is for 2 months **
DE Gross Receipts Tax for Cable $3.73
DE Gross Receipts Tax for Cable* $0.93
Total Tax & Fees $4.66

Jon Purkey

Washington, DC
reply to GeekNJ

Re: What does it really cost? Look here

I have a feeling this may only confuse new subscribers more. There are different prices for different regions and some of us have lower prices because we subscribed sooner.

Anyway, from memory:

FiOS TV: $39.99 - $5 bundle discount + $7.98 for 2 SD STBs, + $11.95 for movies + about $4.60 (8.5%) for taxes/fees. About $59.50 total.

Internet (5/2): $34.99. I'm curious to see what happens at the end of the first year. I'm expecting this to go up to $39.99. Anyone have first hand knowledge?

Phone (one line): A little over $40. With two lines (copper) it was over $80. Before the first bill I was expecting one line to be around $50 since the 2nd line didn't have caller ID. But the switch to fiber made it about $10 less than with copper. At least I assume that is the reason for the lower price? Maybe it is bundling. All the charges on the phone section are confusing. In fact, phone cost went down about $3 a couple months ago and I couldn't figure out why.

Total for all 3: $137.something.

This is my breakdown in a 1 bedroom apartment with video and data services only (come on single guys need to know prices too!) This is in DFW, TX.

Internet (5/2)
Internet Service - $39.95
State Tax - $0.94
City Tax - $0.30
Internet total = $41.19

Fios TV
FiOS TV Premier - $39.95
FiOS TV Bundle Discount - $5.00 (credit)
DVR Rental - $12.95
State tax - $2.18
Equipment state tax - $0.81
City tax - $0.70
Equipment city tax - $0.26
PEG Fee - $0.48
Franchise Fee - $2.52
FiOS TV total = $54.85

Total monthly FiOS Bill = $96.04


West Orange, NJ

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I'm trying to understand what my first month bill is going to be. I signed up for the triple deal (FiOS TV, internet, and unlimited calling). I called early and some lady explained that my first month bill may be double the price they quoted me. How is that possible?

FIOS TV, 20Mbps/5Mbps internet, and phone: 94.99
3 standard digital boxes: 14.97 (4.99 x 3)
1 HD DVR: 12.99
Movie Package 12.99
HBO Package 15.99
TOTAL: 151.93 (Quoted 166 per month w/ taxes, charges, etc)

Activation Fee: 19.99
4th tv installation: 19.99
TOTAL: 39.98


They are coming to install on June 4th and I have a 'landline' phone in which the billing cycle starts/ends on the 22nd of each month.

Can anyone give me an estimate of the first month's bill so I'm not completely surprised?

Also doesn't that triple package include standard boxes? Thanks!

Waldwick, NJ
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS
Your first months bill will be anywhere from your normal monthly bill to 2x your bill. It all depends on when you start service and what your billing cycle is. So if your billing cycle is the 1st of the month and you start service on the 2nd, ypur first months bill will be double, covering the month of service you had right after they last billed you and the next months service since you pay in advance.

If you start service on the 30th and your billing cycle is the 1st, Assuming they get it in before the bill, you'd pay the 1st month at about the normal rate, plus the 20 internet install fee.
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