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Re: Partly Adelphia's fault

OK OK , I cannot listen to your invalid complains. Well yes they are valid BUT. DONT FORGET ADELPHIA BOUGHT YOU PEOPLE FROM cable vision, Verizon (GTE). All the at home crap. So these plants SUCKED ASS well before adelphia came into play. Yet when I formor employee (adelphia) took over you guys didnt say " They are good in their own areas but the previous owners messed it up. ". also side note adelphia service when they are in their own areas is great. LOOK AT WESTERN NY.

Anyways all cable companys are the same as noted above. And no matter what cable company buys the LA area. The same Flaming ass***** will still complain.!

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It's you who need to get your facts straight. @Home had been gone for 5 years, how long are you going to use that as an excuse?

Adelphia had 5 years to fix these chronic issues and they didn't. I give a pass to TWC who has been in this for less (fixing the Comcast/Adelphia nightmare) than a year with far more customers than Adelphia had; but not Adelphia.
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adelphia had 5 years to fix it. However 3 of those 5 years where in bankrupcy so they didnt/couldnt. AND the CEO's at that time where all ex-comcast/ATT ... COOPER.

but before adelphia that area was crap and the original company never fixed it. So lets go back to the original comapny.


reply to RideRed
And the first year adelphia attempted to fix it. But all you crying SoCali Fl@mes wouldnt stop bitching.

5 years my ass.
adelphia had 1 - 2 years before the company was locked down. so you get your facts str8 too. It hasn't 5 years. durning the times of Mr Cooper who was running it. didnt inprove areas, had to please the courts and use $$ else where.

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In the Redlands area, whatever was prior to Adelphia (TCI Cablevision, IIRC) didn't offer Cable Broadband, that only rolled out WELL AFTER Adelphia bought them. That makes it Adelphia's suck-tastic service and plant issues because if it wasn't a viable product, Adelphia shouldn't have came out with it, even if it was based on the previous' company's plant issues because it is now the Adelphia name, not TCI (or whomever) to get tarnished.

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