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Vista needs a popup blocker for Vista

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Re: Partly Adelphia's fault

It's you who need to get your facts straight. @Home had been gone for 5 years, how long are you going to use that as an excuse?

Adelphia had 5 years to fix these chronic issues and they didn't. I give a pass to TWC who has been in this for less (fixing the Comcast/Adelphia nightmare) than a year with far more customers than Adelphia had; but not Adelphia.
There's only 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't.


adelphia had 5 years to fix it. However 3 of those 5 years where in bankrupcy so they didnt/couldnt. AND the CEO's at that time where all ex-comcast/ATT ... COOPER.

but before adelphia that area was crap and the original company never fixed it. So lets go back to the original comapny.


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And the first year adelphia attempted to fix it. But all you crying SoCali Fl@mes wouldnt stop bitching.

5 years my ass.
adelphia had 1 - 2 years before the company was locked down. so you get your facts str8 too. It hasn't 5 years. durning the times of Mr Cooper who was running it. didnt inprove areas, had to please the courts and use $$ else where.