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Tell The Truth
Sherman Oaks, CA

X Adlephia Customer Here...

I see a lot of people validating the math of TW taking over a market 5 times larger, but what most of you don't understand, living in the affected areas is extremely frustrating.

Here's a small comparison in my view:
When adelphia were around, calling customer service was painless, you only had a wait time of 5-15 minutes at the most. Customer Service Reps. were extremely helpful, there wasn't any need to have to much stress added to the conversation. At the end of a call you felt you were helped and served as a customer.

With TW coming in, call wait times for me are a minimum of 50 minutes, then being put on hold for the right department which can take another hour (2 hours on the phone????). I won't lie, When you call about you Cable TV they are much more responsive and i can usually get off the phone within 45 minutes (Still way too much). Out of 5 calls being made about the HSI service i encountered 4 very inpatient and impolite Cust. Srvc. Reps., i was so frustrated with the fact that i had to be on the phone for 2 hours each time i called, and to top it off being addressed with such little disregard to the fact that i am a customer, i just couldn't take it anymore and i switched to AT&T (No Contract Elite Tier).... At least they pick up the phone when you call, and they have the Patience to talk to you.

Canadian, eh?

Valencia, CA
I've been there before... (initial installation of cable modem in Canada - +2 hour waits each time.)
When you have to pay big $$$ and still receive poor service, its time to check your options. Satellite/DSL works for me. Sure, I've had some outages, but all were resolved quickly (same day/next day onsite).


Pacoima, CA
I still remember that day, when i canceled my cable tv from adelphia, and i told them it was because of direct tv, what did they do? 11 days later they come without telling me and disconnect the cable line. While i was paying for their internet service, i even asked the dumb ass guy wtf he was doing, that i'm still paying for the internet, he didnt say shit, he just went up and disconnected my line,I even asked for the pink paper, he didn't give it to me. I called immediately to say wtf was wrong, 1 week later i finally get someone to come and reconnect the line. ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN ADELPHIA!


Pacoima, CA
And im 100x more happier with TWC now that they upgraded me for free hooray. atleast they did that.