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Ringgold, GA

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Meet your Automotive Forum Professionals

Mospaw See Profile and I are pleased to introduce a new feature in the Automotive forum (with a tip of the hat to mattmag See Profile for the suggestion).

This thread is for our forum regulars who are professionals in the automotive industry to introduce themselves, and give a little details about their experience if they choose. This way, we can get to know each other a little better.

We appreciate everyone here who gives answers and advice, but naturally any information given should not be considered a substitute for a real evaluation in person by a professional.


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NW Illinois

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Looks great guys!

I'll kick off the thread with some information about myself.

•I have been in the Automotive service business since 1978. 2yr Associates Degree in Automotive Technology, Attained ASE Master Certification in 1982 and have maintained it ever since, along with ASE "L1" Advanced Driveability/Diagnosis Certification.

•Worked for several dealers in my early years, then operated my own repair business for 18 years doing everything mechanical including a full-service radiator repair shop.

•Have now spent the last 6 years as a Service Manager for a Chevrolet/Buick/Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealer, but I still miss the "old days" when I got my hands much dirtier!


Chuckey, TN

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reply to rjackson

I am a former automotive technician who still enjoys working on cars as a hobby. I started when I was 16 when I took my first job working at Precision Tune as a service technician. I worked mostly in automotive maintenance but it gave me the chance to get my feet wet.

I left the field to attend school for engineering and when I came back I took a job at a repair shop called A+ Auto Care. Here I did everything from diagnosing electrical system failures to replacing engines, transmissions or anything else that needed replacing. I did some work with refrigeration but my expertise was in diagnosing fuel injection problems and solving wiring mysteries.

I am completely self taught. All of my training consisted from direct hands on experience, reading technical manual after technical manual and some coaching from my brother who was an ASE master tech.

I have since gotten out of the automotive industry (as I work at a nuclear facility now) but still enjoy the field.
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Fontana, CA

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reply to rjackson

Owned and operated an auto/heavy duty truck electrical and air conditioning shop in Orange County for 21 years as, what used to be called in the fire service, my "C-Shift job", or the job I did during many of the 20 or so days a month I wasn't at the firehouse.

After I'd established my reputation during the first 10 years of operation, I took the emphasis off of the motoring public and aimed the business model at on site trucking and specialized equipment fleet electrical, electronic, and A/C repairs, which I discovered to my delight, is where the real money is.

During that time I designed, implemented and marketed an anti-theft shutdown interface for the Kysor-Byron engine monitoring and safety shutdown system and received official factory authorized parts and service status from Elgin for their microprocessor controlled line of heavy street sweepers.

I'm no longer active in any of the above pursuits, and loving every minute of it.
Life Member, NRA and CRPA.

Hatboro, PA

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reply to rjackson

Hello, all! I am a former ASE Master technician. I am current in all areas(including L1) but automatic and manual transmissions. I haven't worked as a tech professionally since 2004, transmission certs expired 2005.

I started professional service in 1985 at my dad's shop, took many Allen Testproducts CEC courses over the years; trained at the General Motors Training Center, various manufacturer programs including AC/Delco courses, and completed all training for Land Rover Master Technician at LRU, which was awarded in 1999. I have worked independent, for fuel stations and at several dealerships.

My experience includes Chevrolet, Chrysler, Buick, Ford, GMC, Olds, Pontiac, Hyundai, Land Rover, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Nissan. The oldest vehicle I ever worked on was a '47 Willys, the most unusual was probably a '74 Jensen-Healey.

I hold PA Safety and Emission licenses, including FIRST/EDGE certification.

Sugar Land, TX

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reply to rjackson

I'm a GM parts salesman, I've been doing this since 1998 and there's no end in sight. I mainly specialize in late model body repair/powertrain but I'm able to help with just about any GM product.

I'm normally on and off of DSLR all day, feel free to send me an IM if you have any questioins you'd like to ask.

Cow Towne

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reply to rjackson

While I now work for the telephone company I do have many miles of experience with rear wheel vehicles. My work included engines, brakes (lots of hydraulic and some air), air conditioning, emission and electrical systems. I also consider myself to be an expert on Chrysler automatic transmissions (the 727 models and derivates) having re-designed, re-built and highly modified the units and valve bodies for NHRA style drag racing. I also hold an EPA R-12 license for automotive A/C work.

If you cannot fix it with a buttset and some beanies you ain't a technician.

Hatboro, PA

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reply to fixrman

Just a couple other notes guys:

I don't want to engage in flames or contests about whose belt is bigger or wider. I will however try to correct erroneous theory or service procedures. Where it is my opinion, I'll make every effort to indicate that, but my opinion will be based on my field experience, not conjecture. There is no sense in having someone chasing their tail because someone wants to provide a guestifix.

It is hard enough to diagnose something via a forum because there can be difficulties getting accurate descriptions/symptoms and interrelated information.

I mainly deal with STOCK applications on vehicles, because I don't pretend to know more than the engineers that built system xxx. I don't much care about performance modifications. That said, where there are known issues, I will endeavor to provide answers based on TSBs, Service Actions or known good repairs from my field experience.

It should be noted that there is no such thing as "Repair in a Bottle", and there is no substitute for a good, trained, qualified technician with the proper tools and the knowledge to use those tools and manuals/diagrams; they are tools as well.

I am now the Service/Parts director for a local Isuzu dealer. I will be glad to help with any service/parts issues with that product (including older models), and anything else within my ken. If you need parts it might be best to PM .

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reply to rjackson

Hello All,

My name is Mike and my dslr handle is mph300. The mph300 is from way back. It was created based on my desire to go 300 mph in a dragster. I have not yet completed this dream, but have obtained over 2/3 of it by going in excess of 200 mph in a standing 1/4 mile drag race. Maybe someday, I'll achieve that dream.

My background in automotive and mechanical things goes way back also. My father, rest his soul, was a machinist for 35 years and taught me everything he knew. This teaching from my father, along with my desire to dismantle and reassemble everything that was given to me(toys, electronics, bikes, etc) guided me into the automotive field.

The mechanical experience for me started in our basement with a 327 Chevy engine that my dad wanted to rebuild into a race motor for his dragster. We worked on this engine and ended up with a pretty hot 331CID engine that ran pretty strong. From there, I was hooked! As soon as I could convince mom and dad, I was at the repair shop that my dad owned and helping him do all kinds of mechanical stuff. From here, I grew up and then started working in our shop at night after school. From there, to a muffler shop, to a few repair shops and eventually owning my own business in automotive diagnostics and repair. The shop I owned, I had been store manager for almost 6 years when I approached the owners and purchased the shop. I was in this shop as owner for 10 plus years and total for almost 16 years in one shop.

In my 20 plus years of automotive servicing, I obtained many credentials and certifications. I won't list them all but a few of them I'm proud of and will list.

ASE Certified/recertified:Master Automobile Technician, L1 Advanced Certified Technician, Automotive Service Consultant.

State certified/recertified: Safety inspections, Emissions testing.

Federal certified:Freon recycling and refrigeration repair.

As of June 2004, I am no longer involved in automotive repairs or diagnostics. I sold everything involved with my shop except my tool box and tools. I became burnt out on the whole deal and moved into restaurant franchising.

Thanks for reading,

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Barkhamsted, CT

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reply to rjackson

My name is Steve, I've been working in the automotive field since 1983 and became an ASE certified Master Auto technician in 1985. I have current Master certification, C1 and L1 as well as Accredited Automotive Manager designation from AMI. I currently am employed as a Service Manager at an independant repair facility servicing Autos, Light, Medium and Heavy duty trucks as well as motorhomes, semis including trailers and most equipment including loaders, rollers, sweeper, etc.

My specialty as a technician was drivability and electrical diagnosis. My original field I studied for was electrical engineering. I still assist with the problem vehicles at our shop even though we have three other Master Technicians employed. Sometimes another perspective can help diagnose a problem.

Gettin It Done A Little At A Time

Marion, VA

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reply to rjackson

I'll add my $.02 worth in this race

I have been in the business for about 18 yrs now,currently hold ASE Master L1 B1 and about everything GM has to offer.
I am currently employed at a GM dealership.
If I can be of assistance please rattle my cage

Wayne Thomas

Dana Point, CA

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reply to rjackson

Hello all,
My name is Harvey and I have been working as an automotive professional since 1983. I had at one point 6 or 7 ASE certifications and a California BAR90 unlimited smog license.
I have let all my certifications expire with the exception of the IMACA (international Mobile Air Conditioning Association now MACS) due to the fact that the shop I am working at now is not concerned with them. We could go into a log discussion as to why one should or should not have them but this is not what this thread is for. I have been working at this shop for about 15 years we have a large, steady clientele and do no advertising.

I work on most imports and domestic bumper to bumper with the exception of trans rebuilds.

To twist a quote from a famous person "I have an ultimate set of tool and I can fix anything" .
Just a bit of Fast times humor. I do not and never will claim to be able to fix everything. I do the best I can and feel I am very good at what I do. I will try to help the people on this forum the best I can.

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Up the River
reply to rjackson

Good day! I have been pulling wrench since my first job in a marine shop back in '82. I received my journeyman ticket for marine/motorcycle back in '88, and my heavy duty ticket in '90. I also successfully "challenged" and received my outdoor power instructor certificate in 2000. I was employed in the field by a local college as instructor for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and journeyman level practical instruction. I have trained over 200 guys and gals that are now themselves journeyman level trades. I have been a golf course mechanic for most of my career, (with a little time out as a park ranger) but for the past 6 years have had a business that does mobile golf course/tractor/heavy duty repairs and maintenance. Currently I am the service manager for a municipal landscaping contractor that services several of the cities that make up the Metro Vancouver area. I continue to run my business employing 5 of my former students.


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reply to rjackson

Since I post here from time to time I ought post something here.
I've been in a Buick Pontiac GMC dealership for 21yrs,straight out of school. Have all the ASE's that apply A1-A8 plus the L1 and a Body cert that GM says we have to have.
In November achieved GM's Worldclass Technician status(that wasn't fun).
It's been quite a ride,we went from our best tool being a impact gun to our best tool being a laptop with wireless networking. I can't wait to see what's coming...

World Renowned
Keansburg, NJ

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reply to rjackson

Damn, with so many stickies and only 7 topics showing on my favs, I always skipped the stickies.

I was an A tech but am in construction now.
Starting in 85' I was considered an auto mechanic....this was my first job in the field.I have been wrenching long before though.My uncle owned several junk yards and I always played there while dad visited.Playing, I found myself grabbing parts for the 5 bay garage techs.Soon after I was there on more days than I wanted to be there following school suspensions.

Senior year I worked at a gas station as a mechanic.
Then wanting to go to a school for techs...the east coast school was Lincoln Tech I decided against it. Thank g-d I took the advice of a local large tire shop and worked instead of schooling at LT. He said I'd have more experience there on the job vs LT and he was right. Besides those guys didn't actually know very much after coming out of the school.

Anyway, I ended my auto tech career in a Ford dealership.I had all the certs,schooling Ford wanted me to have and then some. I even had work at the local Ford plant because of my skill/schooling one week out of the month every month.

My auto career ended 10 yrs later after trying to get a local dealership unionised...well, I didn't call the rep to start the unionisation(word?) but because it was known I was for it I got fired. A failed union vote allows an employee 1yr in jersey before being allowed to get fired.....I got the year.

Any who...hoping to help folks here as best as I can and, at the same time, learn from the rest of ya'll.

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Berea, KY

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reply to rjackson

Hello, my name is Phil and Ive been in the car business for 27 years. Most of that time I have been a certified Finance and Insurance Specialist. Also Ive spent a few years as Sales Manager. I am currently with a Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC and Pontiac dealer in Ky. We sell 150 to 200 cars a month. Any questions about anything to do with the sales process Id be glad to help.

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North Dartmouth, MA

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reply to rjackson

Re: Meet your Automotive Forum Professionals

My name is Dave. I owned and operated my business for 9 years in Florida, and recently moved to New England and currently employed at a Chevy dealership for 5 years as a tech.

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Phoenix, AZ

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Re: Meet your Automotive Forum Professionals

My name is Damian Berdusco im a transmission rebuild Specialist 15 years experiance,domestic, foreign, 4wds, trucks farm equipment, i also do electrical diagnostics,
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reply to rjackson

hi all,
am shazoo from pakistan and have been a PORSCHE techniciane for 10 years in a dealership in middle east then move back to pakistan and joined AUDI as senior tech so feel free to ask any thing about audi,

Douglas, GA
reply to rjackson

Hey Guys, I just wanna say that ive turned wrenches for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep for 14yrs, and currently work for a Dealership... if anyone has a question that I could help just shoot me a message and I will see what I can do for ya...

ASE Master
Chrysler Triple Master
GA Certified Firefighter

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