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This is a sub-selection from Question for Mac the BA DSL Guy


Hamburg, NY
reply to Anon

Browser Sticking? This may help!

This problem is usually caused by Windows hunting for a DHCP server. You didn't say what type of modem you are using but there is a fix that usually works for this. You are on the right track with the non-routable IP addx. Here is what we usually do to take care of this issue.

In Network Properties, you need to verify and tweak all 3 TCP/IP properties. The easiest way in to network config is to right click on "Network Neighborhood" and select properties.

a. Double Click{D/C} on TCP/IP (Dial Up Adapter) IP Address - Obtain Automatically
Wins Configuration - Disabled
Click OK

b. D/C on TCP/IP (DUA#2 VPN Support)
IP Address - Specifiy
Subnet Mask -

Wins Configuration - Disabled
Click OK

c. D/C on TCP/IP (Ethernet / Speedstream)
-this will depend on modem type
IP Address - Specify -
Subnet Mask -
Wins Configuration - Disabled
Click OK

d. Click OK out of Network Configuration, you will be prompted for a reboot at this time, after rebooting, you should see an improvement in your boot time (may not be noticable on all systems). But this should also take care of your browser hanging for that 20 seconds to 2 minutes every so often while browsing.

Hope this helps, has helped numerous people in the past and I am sure many more later

Have a great day.