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Baltimore, MD

Major problem headings and routes to soultions...

Your insigt into the other end of a phone is very useful. I get the idea that there is no set of routes that a user can follow for resolution. What I mean is that there must be some comonality to the errors that 1000's of users of DSL are experiencing. We could group them as:

1) Software related - not really DSL related but inevitable.
2) PC related - not really DSL related but inevitable.
3) Distance Related.
4) Line Plant quality (within distance but line quality causing failure).
5) Hub Port Failure
6) Modem Failure
7) Routing problems

The reason I think like this is that if we fall into a category and you tell us the path to resolution then we can help answer the questions and facilitate the process of escalation. I find it is helpful for an understanding of how the system works to best work with it. Maybe the errors are others - what can you see as major headings and what paths do the tickets follow.

Neil McAslan
EMail: Neil_McAslan@compuserve.com