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Nashville, TN
reply to marigolds

Re: Cherry picking vs nada

said by marigolds:

[Costs do not go down over time in television retransmission land. With the advant of broadcast retransmission consent, the marginal costs should escalate dramatically over the next six years.
I was referring to the costs of fiber optic transmission equipment, DSLAMs, routers, etc used by telcos to provide IPTV, all of which is steadily trending downwards and will continue to do so. That's the investment a telco has to foot to get into the business. Programming costs are applicable to anyone who wants to provide programming, not something that the telcos have to pay that incumbents don't.

Either way, my original question still stands. Does anyone think a telco is more likely to serve a community if they have to build out in unprofitable areas as well as profitable? If so I have a great deal on some prime land in the Everglades I can tell you all about