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This is a sub-selection from Sounds Good to Me

My views are my own.
reply to karlmarx

Re: Sounds Good to Me

said by karlmarx:

Socialism? Um, no, federalism. The point is, you aren't a real conservative, you are a capitalist pig. To you, the only good law, is a law that benefits the corporation. To the rest of us, we prefer the government to act in the best interest of the people. You know, living, breathing things that make us human.
I hate to tell you part of your flaw.. but, um, you know those living, breathing things you talk about? They too own businesses and are part of those corrupt corporations. What YOU are being is an extremest.. you're so far one sided that you forget that we the people own those businesses.

All I'm telling you is not to forget that.. I know that corporations are corrupting government, more so - the parties, but we're all in the same society. Don't empower business and corporations with the notion they are in some different league.

It's the person that is greedy, not the corporation or business... after all, we are all in this world for ourselves.. not the greater good.
"Complaining is the least path of resistance for the self-reitchous and lazy ... those who also never take the time to point out a good fortune when the opportunity presents itself. It says a lot about one's moral character." - Unknown