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Seattle, WA
reply to drmorley

Re: Best Buy acquires Speakeasy??!?

said by drmorley:

I just got this email--now they're looking to push telemarketing so they can sell more VOIP lines? For shame!

At one time I had four accounts with Speakeasy and I'm down to only one and that last one is getting switched over to a competitor in a couple weeks.

It's been real...
Wait! In the immediate* future future nothing will change.

*Within an hour of the time Bruce C. sent the email announcing the buyout.

I was just reading the same newsletter and I agree: Pushing telemarketing is shameless and something the old Speakeasy would never have done.


Redmond, WA
reply to lorennerol

A reporter in the Seattle PI a few weeks ago threw a challenge to his readers: Can you name a single business merger or acquisition that has benefited the customers? Er... BB acquiring SE? Please, I'm trying not to gag.

See Ya

reply to lorennerol

I know let's all leave Speakeasy so we can call India. You guys are jumping the gun. SBC India, Earthlink India, Covad Support India. I refuse to call India and speak with Joe. Everytime I call over there I speak with Joe.

Calling India is way worse. I am leaving my DSL line to host my servers with Speakeasy.

You all can jump ship, it least when I call speakeasy, You guys won't be in front of me on the hold que, you will all be waiting to talk to Joe in India. LOL


Flushing, NY
reply to lorennerol

Only time will tell...


reply to See Ya

"jump the gun"? No sir...

Have you ever dealt with India to do a migration of a domain name or web host or VoIP contract? It's painful even if the person you're talking to has been around for a while... much less, if they've just been contracted by a dissolving BB acquisition, or worse: an account recently sold to another provider who contracted their support to India (--- pay attention to that one).

People jumping ship are just saving THEMSELVES some headache, and I don't blame them.

Also consider the fact that many alternative ISPs' would already employ offshore support. It's the whole *migration* part of it that needs to be done with someone who has skills and concern for you. That's the best reason to take advantage of the true professionals at SE now, before they're gone.

This BB/SE merger is a true shame, IMHO. The biggest reason SE had so many hard-core followers is because of their reputation. Geeks all around knew their quality and were happily willing to pay the extra premium for it. These customers weren't your average Mabel and Marvin down the street. Those old farts went with high-latency cable or $15 SBC, and wouldn't know the difference if BB or Aquafina were providing their "internets" (-- bushism... lower-case "b" intentional).

Without standing apart from the crowd, SE cannot compete. Anyone who thinks papa bear Best Buy wants to foot the bill for SE's unique way of networking and supporting their customer is an idiot.


Marietta, GA

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Wow - lots of bad Best Buy experiences I guess. I'm actually a huge Best Buy fan - I get rewards money every week it seems.

On the other hand, I had a horrible experience with Speakeasy, so I'm sorry to see Best Buy get involved with such a lousy company. For anyone interested my Speakeasy experience you can check my other post for that lengthy story -

Minneapolis, MN
reply to lorennerol

Wow! I've heard of rats deserting a sinking ship but sheesh...reading this thread is like watching 'em leave at the first sign of bad weather lol....

I have nothing against BB, but I'm not what you could call a "fan" either. I've bought stuff there before but I wouldn't say I've had a particularly good or bad experience there. To me they aren't any worse or better than any other competitor. I'll wait to see what happens before jumping ship myself.

The only "hitch" I've had with my Speakeasy service was when I moved last year and it turned out to be a problem in Covad's equipment cage at the CO. I've had my service since Feb '04 and have nothing to complain about. I don't see any reason to switch just because of a merger. I'd be hard pressed to find another ISP in Houston that offers what Speakeasy does for the price.

Whenever I had an issue and called SpE's tech support they did a good job helping me, and every SpE tech I've ever talked to was much more knowlegeable than any RoadRunner tech I talked to when I had them.

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm sticking with SpE.