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Re: Best Buy acquires Speakeasy??!?

This is going to be like when I had Mindspring and they were great. AND Then they were bought by Earthlink. Within 5 months customer service when from good to crappy.

Yeah SpE, wondered what happened with the 'new' email interface that disappeared.

so what other options do we have for maintaining static IP's now?

Seattle, WA

5 recommendations

Signs of an incompetent executive team and CEO:

1. Old time staff starts departing like rats off a sinking ship.
2. Proudly announce $24MM in new venture capital to fund WiMax buildout catering to gamers and businesses.
3. Move office to new, opulent location.
4. More staff departs.
5. Failed VoIP launch when key partner bails at last moment.
6. WiMax failing. CEO states that it's returned to R&D from beta status.
7. More staff departs.
8. Entire VoIP system goes down when partner software upgrade fails.
9. New webmail interface buckles under load on first day.
10. Can't keep key positions filled.
11. Run out of previously trumpeted capital.
12. Sell hinky WiMax buildout to competitor while still calling it 'the way of the future'.
13. More staff quits.
14. Ask partners to enter their own orders so you can cut down on staff (and not replace those who quit). Spin partners by telling them how great it is that they are now order entry clerks.
15. No staff, no cash, degrading product. Only one card left to play: Sell goodwill value of Speakeasy name to company that needs a better reputation: Best Buy.
16. CEO sends bulk email to clients and partners insulting their intelligence by saying that Best Buy is 'known for their high level of customer service', like the clients and partners are idiots and don't know better. Also tell them nothing will change and that Speakeasy will be independent.

Oh, and having been through this before, I know the next two:

17. Within a year assertions made in #16 are shown to be false by actual circumstances. Three of the 20,000 people who got the email are surprised.
18. CEO and exec team take generous severance packages from mother ship and go their merry way. Corporate Borgs step in and finish the assimilation.

Oak Park, IL
I wonder where you could find a small business that would go to Best Buy for anything relating to service or support. Perhaps a lemonade stand, but where could you find a grown-up who's never been to Best Buy?