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Rohnert Park, CA

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reply to sashwa

Re: Line Monitoring SignUps for Earthlink DSL members

Thank you for this service. Need an invite I guess. I'll save my rants about Earthlink for another time and place and when I have more data.


Do you have your line monitor up and running? If not, get that done first and then let me know so I can send you an invite.

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reply to retiredcop96
said by retiredcop96:

I'll save my rants about Earthlink for another time and place and when I have more data.
Since you have a history of having problems you should at least start a new topic with your ADSL stats included before anything else as they are not logged long term but are a just a single snapshot each time you check them and they have been requested multiple times.

Note: Line Monitoring a bad line is just a waste of time though as no Baseline or NID only ADSL Stats have been posted to see if the problem is either from household inside wiring (which is 100% the customers responsibility) or either a line problem from the NID back to the CO.

»[Speed Problem] Regular Drops in Speed or Loss of Connection
said by Bill_MI:

You can take snapshots of your signal conditions. But it's only a snapshot so it's a good idea to get snapshots at good and bad times. If you have to watch just one thing, NOISE MARGIN DOWNSTREAM (or similar) is the key. You want it as high as possible and below 8-10db is often bad.

»EarthLink DSL FAQ »How to Get to the Logs, the Diagnostics Page, and the DSL Statistics Page - UHP
»EarthLink DSL FAQ »HowTo obtain DSL Stats & Diagnostic Info from the ZyXEL P-660R-ELNK Router?

One common technique is to take these stats AT THE NID with no house wiring attached. Easy to do with the connectors there. This will show the difference a whole-house splitter can make.

»EarthLink DSL FAQ »How do I test at my NID? What does it look like?

Hope this helps. You can always post your stats here and get opinions.
said by Doctor Olds:

You reset your modem while at its normal current inside location and then save (copy/paste) those fresh stats from your current setup into a text file.

The important numbers to look at are:

• Downstream Sync Rate (or Bit Rate)
• Downstream Noise Ratio (SNR Signal to Noise Margin)
• Downstream Attenuation
• Downstream Output Power
• Downstream Attain Rate (Attainable Rate)
• Downstream Capacity Occupation

Note: Not all modems supply all the stats listed above. Just post what you have.


Keep us informed on what you find with the DSL Stats from the NID test results as that really should be done as soon as possible. Weather permitting of course
I now see that you never posted any ADSL Stats before so that is not a good thing. You could have built up a logged history of line data that you don't now have.


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