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T1 Rocky

Dallas, TX

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Re: Should Be Easy to Fix

I've worked in the ISP business since 1998 (non ILECs) and noone has ever come to me and asked to buy information. But then again, I've never worked for a telco. I think your going to find that if this is real it was only for the cable and telcos ISP's. And $5 per user? Something smells very fishy. Who is going to be nuts enough to buy it for $5 per user per month? That's just crazy. Then how are they going to tie it to you? How often does anyone use their ISP's mail box these days? There's too much in this story that doesn't add up. I question the credibility of this story.

PS Bill Gates is tracking a new post tracking software and if you post after this post then he will send all of us $5.