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Re: BaNET price/speed sucks cable is cheper/faster.

I have @home service in one of the smallest neighborhoods in the entire United Stats.

You guys know of Kalamazoo Michigan, well I live in Battle Creek. I really doubt that anyone along my road even has @home but there are about 5000-8000 people in Battle Creek who are on it and there are about 100 more installs going on everyday.

Phone lines here are ameritech and can't keep a good modem connection and therefore would have to be totally rewired to support dsl.

So @home is the way to go. I usually get 600kb/s download and at least 100kb/s upload and that's just average. I've actually uploaded mp3s to someone on napster at 150kb/s. Now that's pretty amazing for my $39.95 a month. I won't get dsl ever unless they offer me more speed and free equipment.

Used to have TCI cable, ATT bought that up and Thank God they did. Everyone in Kalamazoo still has cablevison who hasn't yet realized the potential of partnering or merging with ATT and making millions.

Their loss my gain, I love my @home internet service and my ATT digital cable. I'm set.
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