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Time Warner Web Page service fail in Los Angeles

Comcast to Time Warner transition failed in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Time Warner is being phased out by me after at least five fruitless contacts with Time Warner. They took over the Los Angeles franchise from Comcast early this year. Comcast had a web space allocation of 182 megabytes, I was using about 160 megabytes

Today, their website and email response is "You are offered 25 free megabytes of web space!" - this after they said "Your existing web pages will be transferred in their entirety." (email March 14, 2007 6:48 AM)

They say:
"Sorry for the inconvenience". I say I'm leaving after assuming that I would be locked into cable for the rest of my life. Now free to go DSL or any other ISP.

All my thousands of URLs originally on Comcast were deleted with no notice.

And on every visit, things like this "Personal Home Page Account Details - Temporarily Unavailable"

I will attempt to give a more complete story of what seems to be a poor move by Time Warner on my webpage at: edhiker.googlepages.com/

Try Google search "home roadrunner com"
Then try search "home.comcast.net"

Shows web page usage on Roadrunner (Time Warner) and Comcast
- how about 3000:1 Looks like I'm not the only one that can't make it work.