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Sacramento, CA
reply to jofallon

Re: Good-bye Speakeasy

In my case it was Covad's incompetence mainly, though I ran into some hiccups that Speakeasy was to blame. Over the past 3 years I've become a mini-expert in DSL, I learnt more about it than I ever wanted to know.

Ah, yes, those fees too ... I'm surprised that my cable ISP doesn't charge any extra fees, what they quoted is what I get charged, everything included, which is surprising for a cable company.

Hollywood, FL
I am saying good-bye to Speakeasy for similar reasons. I can get a plain Jane phone line(no add ons like call waiting etc) and DSL from Bellsouth for about half the price I was paying for SE. Couple that with VOIP service and it comes out a lot better. I was very happy with SE for a long time except for the price, whenever I had problems (which were rare) their service people were great and very helpful. Called Bellsouth and they had the line in and DSL on in 2 days time, fast! Sorry Speakeasy, its been good but good-bye.

The aheader we go, the behinder we get.