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T1 Rocky

Dallas, TX
reply to calvoiper

Re: Vonage needs to realize

said by calvoiper:

You want to keep paying too much for century old technology? Fine. Quit bitching about the rest of us who prefer to drive modern cars instead of Model T's.

Listen here sonny, my telegraph has gotten me along just fine. So you and the Kaiser just go back to Russia you commies!

But seriously, I couldn't agree more. Even if your not on the edge of technology you should still be in favor of it. Verizon and the phone companies have spent the last 15 years spending literally BILLIONS lobbying the government to tax phone lines and then the phone companies collect those taxes. Think about it. The phone line to your house is $5 worth of copper that was rolled out 30 years ago. And how much are you paying for that line? After taxes probably $25 per month not including long distance. And they probably havent been to your house in or serviced that line for 10 years right? What's their return on investment on that?

That's what happens when there is no competition. Now that VOIP has come along they realize that they have shot themselves in the foot. By getting the govnt to "force" them to collect all of those taxes, their copper line can not compete with VOIP.

Plus the technology of voip offers a very promising future. It's really disgusting that Verizon has lobbied so extensively that they can snuff out technologies now just to preserve their monopoly. When was the last time a piece of legislation or a court ruling was not in their favor? I guarantee its been more than 10 years.