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Mr Anon


Welcome to my world.

We don't have laptops for each child, heck we barely have a computer for every child and at that we hardly have computers that aren't over 7+ years old. I still have headaches all day working with these kids.

The problem is that it wasnt thought through as it isn't most places. Teachers could keep an eye on what the kids are doing but unless the teacher monitors the students screens they can't tell. Secondly these students should be heavily locked down as in any situation don't allow them access to certain programs and areas of the computer period! Lastly they need to be locked down on the interent, not just a firewall but a content filter with heavy regulation. I run the content filter for my district and I look at it everyday, if I had better reporting I'd look at it twice daily. However my point is just because you change the medium doesn't mean the old problems will go away.