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Get A Mac
Phoenix, AZ

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Health Issues

At least health issues wasn't the reason When I saw the title, I immediately thought towards wi-fi is bad for your health

Also, laptops believe it or not is still too new to try it in schools, give it another couple years. The teachers are not trained on how to teach etc. using this kind of method.

Also, the problem is also society itself. What ever happened to teaching kids responsibility? If you lose the laptop, thats your own fault, you now have to pay for it. You are responsible for your own actions...sheesh what happened to that?

The problem is not the laptop program, it's the discipline. Take a look at Cincinati Country Day school, their laptop program is working just fine...but that is because they had to pay for it themselves.

How about instead of laptops, offer something more durable, such as the Alphasmart Dana, that machine runs PalmOS. Or even some Windows CE based devices, that you can drop and still work just fine.