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Belvedere Tiburon, CA
reply to batterup

Re: Vonage needs to realize

No--using VOIP is like walking into a laundromat and loading your own washer.

Having someone call you a "leech" for using the Internet connection you are paying for is like walking into a laundromat and having an attendant say, "Oh, no, you can't wash towels here. We only pretend to let you wash what you want, but we have this other service called Plain Old Towel Service and we insist you use that instead of doing your own towels. We started out with Plain Old Towel Service, we feel we have a God-given right to exclusively monopolize POTS, and we will do what we can to prevent you from using any other facility to wash towels."

Get with it. The Bell system no longer controls the network, and people are free to use it for what they want to. (And yes, all those cushy, safe, non-productive jobs that used to exist in Basking Ridge are history.)

VoIP--the death knell of remaining voice monopolies!