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Pottstown, PA
reply to bluebsh

Re: Comcast Workplace

How many modems are you planning on having? B/C it's 1 modem per account.. even at the highest speeds (8M/1M) you'd need a LOT of modems to cover that. If you push that much bandwidth thru an SMC or a Netgear (assuming you'd want a static IP) that thing'd never be online because of so much traffic going thru em they'd reset constantly.

Regardless from what I know commercial customers do have packet prioritaziton on the CMTS and you "should" be ok. I havn't gotten any calls yet about any Commercial customers being shut off for hittin our "mysterious" bandwidth cap. Granted though 5-600GB/mo is a LOT of bandwidth. If you have the funds, I would rather say go with a T1 or something for backup.. something with more "gauranteed" uptime.. granted though for a T1 you'd need like 3 of em to cover all your bandwidth.

It all depends on how much you want to spend.


Indiana, PA

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we cant use a T1 for backup, that'd once again come over the same fiber lines... we need somethign isolated from our current incoming fiber, and coax is really the only one... We'd only need 1 modem, this account would basically be idle until we went down (doesnt happen that often, but sometimes they do mantinance on the fiber lines or tests)

at 8Mbit how would we need a lot of modems? 8Mbit running at full speed (theoretically) would give you 850GB per month working 8 hours a day

as for guaranteed, we dont need guaranteed, we just need a backup incase of the rare instance of our fiber line to verizon being out


Pottstown, PA
That was my mistake, didn't see that it was only download, not upload.. thought you were UPLOADING 5-600GB/mo... that would be the issue.

My mistake.

Yeah for just downloading and such 1 modem at Workplace Enhanced would take care of anything you'd need. The speeds are pretty reliable (I got about 7900Kbps on my tests usually) but that would be fine.

"Typical" Price for WPE is $160/mo.. but you need to talk to sales. 1-800-316-1619 option 1