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Yarmouth Port, MA
reply to fuziwuzi

Re: Comcast is using Sandvine to manage P2P Connections

said by fuziwuzi:

The few times I've used bittorrent transfers in the last few weeks I have noticed many disconnects on the up side. I didn't know what was causing it, but your analysis makes sense now.
Glad I could help.

said by fuziwuzi:

Now if only the Comcast network was as fast as their fanboys who quickly denounce any criticism of them.
LOL, well I'm mostly a fan-boy too. I even think this Sandvine idea is well-intended, albeit misguided.

I imagine a lot of P2P these days are popular CDs and Movies. These being copyright violations aside, I'm sure that for any given highly-popular file, enough sources exist within Comcast's netblocks to fill any request quickly. That's smart. I'm sure that's what they were thinking, too.

The problem is that not every file is so popular, the rare files (and those most likely to be completely legal to share, BTW), are badly punished by this filter.
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