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Little Rock, AR

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reply to Morty7

Re: Comcast is using Sandvine to manage P2P Connections

said by Morty7:

While it's all nice to speculate and try and stir stuff up, this is an internet help forum. Maybe you want to also post this in the Comcast.net forums to see if you get an actual answer from Comcast about it?
Actually it says at the very top of this forum:
The Comcast forum is for discussions about Comcast's cable internet service; its use, availability, features, customer service issues and general information.

Sounds like an appropriate discussion to me.

The issue is you can't really have a great discussion over something that is 100% speculated. If it was known that Comcast actually uses this product, for the reasons stated in the op's thread, then I can see why it would be useful. But at the current time, without more information it isn't very useful. With my recommendation, you'd at least get an answer from Comcast, and from there an actual, informed discussion of the subject could take place. I stated that it was a help forum, and thank you for posting what I said in different words (the ones it says at the top), informed "discussions" into things relating to Comcast's HSI and CDV are helpful, ones filled with "he said, she said" are not.

Yarmouth Port, MA

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You still have me lost. What is your concern, again? I told you what the tests were, I told you what the results were. It is observable!

Do you think that the forums at Comcast.net is a placed to have an informed discussion about this? If you do, then I understand why I am lost.

Why on Earth would I discuss an issue that I want brought into the light on a Comcast-controlled forum? The users on those forums are not informed. I'm not asking whether Comcast is filtering -- it is a fact. I've demonstrated it, published my methods and my results, and you can reproduce it.

My objectives are this:

1. To end the secrecy around this project

2. To explain a phenomena that others users may be experiencing

That's it. I'm not stirring anything up. Facts and evidence have no agenda. I've added my opinion -- quite separately from the facts. But, as the "stir machine" goes, my opinion on the matter is relatively tame.

Now, instead of repeating what you've said, do you have anything to add?
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There are no facts posted. Just because you believe it does not make it a fact. Your articles contradict each other, and the other states nothing about the described product in question from this vendor. I did not suggest having the discussion in that forum, I suggested asking for an answer in that forum as to whether or not they actually use it. If they say they do, then sure you can actually have a discussion over it.