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Belvidere, NJ

While they are at it:

They might want to look into QoS requirements for cablecos. I know that around here, in Eastern PA, there are some loops so oversold that a 56K modem would be faster at high traffic times.

Sauce for the goose and all that.

Premium,ExMod 2000-03
La Grange, IL
Oh hell no. They'll never allow that. The next step is having to report capping activity and suspension of accounts for actually using the bandwidth they're (over)reporting to the FCC.

I find this very amusing. The NCTA asked for and got preferential treatment five years ago when their offerings were reclassified as "information services" and deregulated. Now that everyone else's has been similarly deregulated they're trying to re-regulate the scorekeeping and refereeing of the game, as well as create new barriers to entry.

Let's say all NBA players have to be seven feet tall or taller, and only three pointers count.
Toolmaster of La Grange.


North Andover, MA
Umm, I think a more apt analogy would be "Let's say all NBA players have to be seven feel tall or taller in order for their stats to count as power forwards (or whatever the tall guys are, I hate basketball)".

It's not like they're saying that services under 2/1 will actually be regulated in anyway. They're just trying to get a decent definition of broadband. IMO if you're going to go that far with upload though, you might as well next level the download too. Why not make it 10/1? or 5/5? {shrug}