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8-bit Fun
Corona, CA

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As bad a old AOL as a provider was, AOL+ DPC was excellent

I had AOL Plus dial return satellite via DirecPC in 2001 and despite it being AOL it was very fast for it's day. Having gotten a very good installer I got a rock solid 3Mb with concurrent connections and unlike DirecPC's own service, AOL Plus DPC didn't have a fair access policy (at least that was enforced). It was also cheaply priced at around $45 ($24.95 for AOL plus $19.99 for AOL Plus Satellite at a time when typical cable HSI was $29.99). And I got those speed off Satmex 5 night or day. I'd fire up Newsbin Pro and beat that satellite like a step child downloading PS images and it never skipped a beat. To this day I still have the dish up and the modem in my closet.

How times change.