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Re: Starbands policy

said by bajadudes :

Is a 1GB per rolling 7 day average on the $49 per month plan and 3.5GB per rolling 7 day average on the top tier $129 plan (soon to be reduced to $99).

exceed it and you get throttled to dial up speeds until you reach an exit average of 650MB per 7 day rolling average for the $49 plan or an exit average of 2.24GB per 7 day rolling average.

Each day at midnight your average for the past 7 days is calculated.

Seems like a good compromise between HN and WB and it lets you download large files, updates etc.

On WB if you use yours up in a week or two you are screwed the rest of the month
How is the speeds and latency on Starband?
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the $49 plan is advertised as 128Kbps up and 512Kbps down, realistically you will see anywhere from 70 Kbps up to 120Kbps up and 250 to 500Kbps down on average. some times you will see higher on the download but you can't count on it

the $129 plan is advertised as 256Kbps up X 1Mb down, realistically you see about 150 to 250Kbps up and 750 to 1.2 MB down on average.

ping times are mostly around 800 millisec but there is a bit of jitter with times going up as much as 2.5 sec about 10 to 15 % of the time

slightly better on the ping times with the 129 plan