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West Tenness
reply to bajadudes

Re: Starbands policy

said by bajadudes :

Is a 1GB per rolling 7 day average on the $49 per month plan and 3.5GB per rolling 7 day average on the top tier $129 plan (soon to be reduced to $99).
1 GB every 7 days is only 4 GB a month. That sucks worse than HughesNet.

The benefit of broadband is faster downloads but if you download stuff you hit the cap quickly and thus are throttled to dial-up speed anyways. It seems dial-up is better since it's cheaper. Small files that you download you could easily do over dial-up anyways. If my only choices were dial-up or satelite I'd just stay with dial-up.



On HN you effectively get 200MB per day for $59 per month on the home plan or 1.4GB per 7 days. On *B you get 1GB for the $49 per month plan.

The difference is that with *B you can at least download files larger than 200MB without hitting the Fap wall and to a lot of folks that is a big difference plus it's $10 bucks cheaper.

If you never download more than 200MB in a day then yes HN may be a better option,,,at least theoretically if you don't mind also talking to TS in Pakistan when you do have issues.....LOL

To those that would say dial up is better than sat they obviously do not live in rural areas where the copper delivers 19Kbps at best and there are frequent dropouts.

Lucky are dial up customers seeing 50Kbps on a consistent basis and that don't have to log in every 3-4 hours because the ISP dropped them.