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Major announcement from distributed.net


said by bovine :
:: 21-May-2007 04:34 GMT (Monday) ::

Dear friends,

It is with great sadness that we must announce that RSA Labs has
decided to terminate the RSA Secret-Key Challenge, which impacts the
RC5-72 project and all of the remaining RC5 challenges. This means
that RSA Labs will not confirm any solutions or award any additional
prizes, should a correct solution be found. Furthermore, we have
received a statement indicating that they will not be disclosing the
solutions to the unsolved challenges. More details can be found on
»www.rsa.com/rsalabs/node.asp?id=2100 (Note that the page should
state that the RC5-32/12/8 solution was recovered on 14 July 2002, not
28 January 1997.)

Although RSA Labs is halting their official sponsorship, there is
still the option open to us to continue the project without their
prize or validation. We would like to solicit your feedback regarding
this option. Discussion is welcome on our rc5 mailing list (see
»lists.distributed.net/mailman/listinfo/rc5 if you are not
already a member). In the coming days, we will provide a facility to
allow official votes to be made.

If the choice to discontinue the RC5-72 project is made, the official
transition plan will be as follows: In one week's time from the
announced decision, the distributed.net keyservers will begin
indicating that the RC5-72 project is closed to all connecting dnetc
clients. All results received after that time will be discarded. A
couple of days before then, we will begin slowing down RC5 work unit
generation to allow the network to drain. If we receive sufficient
feedback indicating that you would like us to continue operating the
RC5-72 project, we will continue to generate work units and the
project will remain open.

We intend to continue operating the OGRp2 project, and are currently
in the development stages of additional types of projects. More
details regarding these future projects will be announced at a later
date. In the mean time, we encourage everyone to continue
participating in both the RC5-72 and OGRp2 projects.

Moo! ]:8)
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Requiescat in pace
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Hoboken, NJ
This is the thread on the mailing list: »lists.distributed.net/pipermail/···219.html

Tex Longhorn
reply to tmpchaos
How do we continue if RSA isn't going to provide the solution?

Requiescat in pace
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Hoboken, NJ
There's a lot unclear at the moment. They appear to say that they can't get validation of the answer, but that they will be able to actually get the answer.

Houston, TX
reply to tmpchaos
This is very disappointing -- I'm not sure what project I'll move on to if this gets discontinued. I've looked around the forums here, but none of them seem interesting. I hope they decide to continue it.
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reply to tmpchaos

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reply to tmpchaos

Support Bbr Rc5
reply to tmpchaos
this is not good. I hope the project is contuined on. Wonder why RSA has decied to drop the project?

Baton Rouge, LA
reply to tmpchaos
That bites a big one. I was about to install it on this little linux cluster I have been playing with. Guess I will look around to see what other clubs are out there, but this one was the most interesting one.

Giant Diehard

reply to Tex Longhorn
said by Tex Longhorn:

How do we continue if RSA isn't going to provide the solution?
I would think that only the correct key would result in a valid English sentence.

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reply to Tex Longhorn
said by Tex Longhorn:

How do we continue if RSA isn't going to provide the solution?
said by »www.rsa.com/rsalabs/node.asp?id=2100 :

For each contest, the unknown plaintext message was preceded by three known blocks of text that contained the 24-character phrase "The unknown message is: ".
The correct key will expose the literal string "The unknown message is: ". It will also expose the rest of the message which is unknown except to just a few employees of RSA Security.

I'm sure that distributed.net took this little fact into account when coding up their software. I know I would.
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Requiescat in pace
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Hoboken, NJ
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reply to tmpchaos
Most current info from the mailing list:
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 10:28:16 -0500
From: "Jim C. Nasby"
Subject: Re: [RC5] RC5-72 Clarity?
To: "D.net Discussion"
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

On Thu, Jun 07, 2007 at 01:03:51AM -0700, david fleischer wrote:
> What about the "parameters"?
> Now D.net decides on the winner.

If you're referring to knowing when we've found the correct key, it is
incredibly unlikely that there are two keys that would decrypt to
something starting with "THE SECRET MESSAGE IS" and then actual
So it's safe to say that the first key we hit that meets those
parameters is it.

> What about the prize?

That's currently undecided. We're looking at various options there.

> ----- Original Message ----
> From: Jim C. Nasby
> To: D.net Discussion
> Sent: Thursday, June 7, 2007 12:43:38 AM
> Subject: Re: [RC5] RC5-72 Clarity?
> Based on what people have said on lists and the fact that we don't
> currently have another project to replace it with, we intend to leave
> RC5 running, at least for now. If we get another project going we
> revisit that decision.
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