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Naked DSL/Dry Loop Q's

I've been reading a lot online about Naked DSL/Dry Loop but the answers seem to be complicated.

My main question is, how do I go about getting a Dry Loop? I'm willing to pay a Dry Loop fee...any idea how much Acanac charges for that?

Should I contact Bell about making a Dry Loop or does Acanac do that for me?


Toronto, ON
Acanac will do it for you. At least for me they did good!
Extra charge - $8 a month, so like I wrote - 27 a month( 19 +8)


I received my modem and router fine, but the PPP light is amber. Bell NEVER contacted me to set up the dry loop appointment. Instead, the Bell guy showed up unannounced (while I was at work) the morning of June 7 between 10 and 11. So far I've left 5 messages/pages for him, none of them have been returned. I noticed on the work order that he had written down my phone number incorrectly--but I left several with a correct number where I could be reached and still no response.

I called the ADSL technical support line this afternoon from work only to be advised to call back at 6 pm when I was in front of my computer. 2 hours on hold on the phone later and I still haven't gotten through. I am getting *very* frustrated.



Spumco: sorry to hear about your frustration. I believe that Acanac management has had a meeting with Bell recently to address some of their concerns with how Bell implements some of the DSL line requests. Once you are up and running the service for me personally has been great. Hope it is resolved for you soon.
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