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Duluth, GA

Touchy mail filters

Hello fellow ATNEX users. I'd like to present you with a support case to consider: emails that (seem to) get randomly rejected.

For example, my friend sends me two emails (from Bellsouth's webmail interface to be exact) spaced a few minutes apart. One comes through, but the other gets rejected. Content of the emails are essentially the same (i.e. one's not a big binary attachment). Another example, my friend replies to one of my emails on Monday, it comes through; my friend replies to another email on Tuesday, it gets rejected.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Same source, nothing out of the ordinary, but ATNEX seems to randomly reject some emails and not others.

I already talked to support about it a few weeks back. Problem seemed to clear up for awhile, but now it's getting worse again.

Anybody else experiencing similar problems?


Duluth, GA
As long as I'm complaining to all of the 5 people who read this forum, I'll say I'm also tired of the mail server consistently going down at all hours of the day. Not for long mind you, but it does got down a lot. Like right now.