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How do I delete a recently viewed show from on-demand list

Hi all,

My wife and I have been playing around with the On-Demand selections from various movie channels. We don't particularly want our children knowing what we've been seeing.

Is there any way to delete the recently viewed list from the On-Demand section? If not, how long do the show titles stay there, and does anyone know if the new software will allow you to delete them when needed.



Franklin Square, NY
It deletes itself in 24 hours and holds a maximum of 5 titles, so if you go back to VOD and pick a few more titles to watch, even if it's for 10 seconds, that will delete the oldest ones after the total of 5 has been reached.

Downingtown, PA
reply to Dave1234
One other recommendation - turn on the parental controls. I BELIEVE this also works with on-demand (if it didn't it would be a really crappy version of parental controls). You can have it "hide" the titles of stuff that's listed as TV-MA. It replaces the listing with "Adult Title" or something like that, and it removes the description. I learned how to use it when we got the movie pack, and I saw what movies they play during the day... and the titles on some of those movies... well, I didn't want my kids scrolling through the guide and seeing some of the titles and descriptions.

Like I said, I haven't done this with on-demand (that is, I haven't tried listing an on-demand title for something that's TV-MA), but I gotta believe this will work for on-demand as well. Also, it'll prompt you for a pin number to access anything that's blocked.


reply to Dave1234
I am not sure if it still works, but it used to be that recently viewed only shows the last 5 on-demand selections. So in theory you could quickly start 5 other shows to get it off the list. Your kids will think you have been watching Health shows!!! all right!!!