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This is a sub-selection from Ut-O


Euclid, OH
reply to Lark3po

Re: Ut-O

said by Lark3po:

said by ptrowski:

All the cell phone companies have some tie into Hollywood.
Not true. We have a local option Corr Wireless that doesn't appear to have ties to Hollywood. I'm sure there are a lot of options for folks sick of the major providers.
Please don't speak on behalf of everyone. That was an ignorant comment. I have access to 2 broadband technologies. DSL (AT&T) or local cable. I am switching to cable. My uncle, who lives about 3 miles from me, has only one: cable.

Sure there is Satelite and dialup. Satalite costs an arm and a leg, and who wants to go back to dialup? Actually we are planning on riding of our telephone soon. We have cell phones, who needs regular phone?

No wireless here that is cheap enough either.

Madison, AL
Before you start calling people ignorant I'd suggest you comprehend what you're replying to.

I'm not talking about cable/DSL/SAT or even internet. I'm talking about wireless phone services.
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