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Doctor Four
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Re: Another WinFixer infiltration...this time on www.wfaa.com

On the machines where I work at, IT hasn't gotten around to
upgrading to IE7 on.

As for the attempt, the furthest it got was a redirect from
the WFAA site to pcturbopro.com. I think it happened when
I clicked the back button from More News 8 Investigates page.

When I saw it pop up, I figured the easiest way to get rid
of it was to kill IE with the task manager.

I just tried it on another machine, one that doesn't have
a hosts file on it. It came up on the Local News page after
I reloaded it a couple of times. It was on Firefox on it, and
I got rid of the redirect by killing FF in the task manager.
Only this time it was Errorsafe. Not sure which ad is
triggering it, though.

Edit: I sent them an email through their online comment system
with links to SiteAdvisor pages on the WinFixer domains
that I encountered. Hopefully that will prevent a less
savvy user of the site who doesn't know what WinFixer is
or the domains associated with them avoid getting infected.
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