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Doctor Four
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Re: Another WinFixer infiltration...this time on www.wfaa.com

It happened again just now, but this time on
intellicast.com. I had loaded the 1km radar page
for DFW to see where the storms we're supposed to be
getting today were at when I got redirected to errorsafe.

Since I had put all the Winfixer domains in the restricted
sites, it couldn't do anything - and the page was blank.
(This was on my work machine, BTW.)

A previous visit to the same radar page had a flash ad
served by Zedo. I think you're on to something here with
the Winfixer-Zedo connection Just Bob See Profile.

Edit: it is a Zedo ad on WFAA that is likely doing this -
I have them in the restricted sites zone as well - this
seemed to have prevented a redirect to any Winfixer sites.
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