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Milledgeville, GA
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Re: Let's patent ideas - they don't require any effort to create

LOL -- thanks alot!

I'm a huge fan of the original series; not so much of the movie. So far it looks like they just made a 2hr GM commercial with over-the-top graphics effects that's loosely based on the original show - like using character names and nothing else.

It's funny how there wasn't this much support for the original movie yet they're throwing millions at a "live action" version 20 years later.

I always wondered why they bothered to remake cartoons. Just show the old ones today and kids will think they're new -- you know they've never seen the original Transformers. It doesn't require anime-style animation to be interesting.

FWIW, I've used the avatar since around 1999, so I've been uncool for a long time
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