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Re: Stupid User Tricks: Password Selection - "WORD1"

Could it be that some of these users don't consider myspace a site worth securing? I personally operate grades of password from relatively weak but easy to remember for places where access to my account would in reality not be a significant issue (to me) to very strong for places which involve financial information. The reasoning behind this, if someone impersonates me on a forum about widgets as far as personal info goes they will get one of my spam catcher e-mails (easily disposable in case they get flooded) maybe my full name and some PM's which would be highly unlikely to contain any further info about me. and that's it everything else would be visible via my profile. OK they could make a prat of themeselves and get me banned before I spot something is up but the potential damage is low.

Now a site like myspace would qualify for a more secure password by virtue of the type of site it is and possible info it contains but I think password strength at times can be context sensitive. However i do tend to use different usernames and passwords between various sites unless there is a good reason to maintain the same persona in multiple places and even then the password changes on each.

Also if a site has insited on other info to register other than a valid e-mail address there is a high probability that all the info may not be correct further muddying the waters when trying to use it for anything else.
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