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ExMod 2000-01
Minneapolis, MN
reply to Anon

Re: Cheapter and easier to get

HAHAHAHAHA, thank for the clueless post, havent laugh like this in a long time. 10 megs a sec? Man, follow your own advice and educate yourself.

Bottom line, DSL gives u more choices. Choice in speed, ISP, and services. Cable doesn't, u are stuck with one provider and if u dont the way the do business, too bad. But then again, since u are coming from AOL, it probably is the choice for u. ;o)

Valencia, CA
·Time Warner Cable
DSL may or may not give you more choices, depending on how far you are from the CO. Even then cable may still be a better value. You have to weigh all of your options.

DSL gives me the single option of 144/144 IDSL for around $100 a month.
Cable gives me the single option of 1500/300 for $39.00 a month.

AOL user or not (in my case definitely not), I think the decision is pretty much a no brainer, eh?

The way I look at it, cable is another broadband option. How it gets to my home is irrelevant. The only things I care about are reliability, speed, latency, and good pricing. If a DSL company offered me something faster or better than the cable I have now, I'd switch. Pretty simple stuff. Cable is not a monopoly as long as DSL is around providing people with more options.


Durant, OK
100$!!!! for that service....where are you living Russia??????

reply to jhboricua
choices how? According to every map I can get DSL (zip 63033) however since SW Bell says they won't reconnect me (i had DSL with average 200 kbyte/sec downloads for a week) I can't get DSL, something about wire taps and they won't remove them. I have a dozen ISPs that swore to me over the phone that I could get DSL.

The phone lines are still owned by the phone company, if they say "no DSL" I'm shit out of luck.
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