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Wayne, NJ

Wait, what...?

I started with Cyberonic back in 2003 when my Directv line went defunct. 49.99 for 1.5 down, 768 up.

Right now I'm STILL paying 49.99 for 1.5 down.

Yet the price on their website was adjusted to 25 dollars per month for that speed. I'm obviously no longer in contract, so...

What the heck? How long ago did they readjust the pricing? Why wasn't I adjusted with it?

Frustrating... Especially considering I could of went for the 3.0 line for 39.99 a month whenever they implimented that..

I hate complaining, but I feel kind of cheated out of money right now. Why would they keep me under an old pricing tier?

Sunnyvale, CA
Before you hit the roof, please make sure that you aren't comparing apples and oranges

The service you are currently receiving should include static IP addresses while the advertised $25 service would be with dynamic IP addresses.

If you don't care about your IP address (don't run your own services), you should be able to switch from static to dynamic addressing and reduce your monthly bill.
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Covad is PPPOE/A, static/dynamic is secondary consideration. Mostly, the OP should have been notified of his speed/price level choices by Cyberonic when the new pricing/service levels were introduced, especially after their bullshit one-year lock-in nonsense expired. As usual, Cyberonic didn't/doesn't give a rat's ass about their customers. The OP was/is being ripped off.


Wayne, NJ
reply to klisk
I no longer have a static IP, they switched me to dynamic quite a long while ago (without telling me!) but did not switch my price. I'm paying 49.99 for a 25 dollar service.

This mostly frustrates me because I'd love to have 3.0 download instead.

Furthermore, now when I call them on the phone, I get the runaround. "Oh, our billing department isn't in right now... We'll have them call you."

Of course, I never get a call.

The billing department closes at 5, but I've always made sure to call way before that.


Cary, NC
They're honest, just a little disorganized at times.

Just keep calling and you'll get through to Billing.....and we will all be interested to hear the end result.....


said by DonBrady:

They're honest, just a little disorganized at times.

Just keep calling and you'll get through to Billing.....and we will all be interested to hear the end result.....
I'd be interested if he asks for, and gets, a refund, or service credit, equal to the amount of the difference in pricing he paid unnecessarily from the point they restructured their price/service level tiers. Anything less would be tantamount to theft.


Wayne, NJ
reply to DonBrady
I know they're honest, I've really had no complaints with them until right now, and it's just a little more than a tad frustrating if y'know what I mean.

Disorganization would be the same reason I'm also being billed an incorrect price, which IMO isn't good for business. I'm hoping maybe they could give me a few months free as compensation once all of this is figured out, but I honestly won't hold my breath for anything like that.