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Fayetteville, GA
reply to plat2on1

Re: Comcast is using Sandvine to manage P2P Connections

except for my line to the rest of the network thats not theirs.....i'm paying for that one.....so its not their business what i dl/up on my line to the rest of the networks around the world......i want undisturbed access to it would a dedicated service do that.....or do i have to start my own network


Fayetteville, GA

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an example of whats wrong with what comcast is doing with p2p is......if i want download a game mod file thats around 500megs....like a battlefield 1942/2 mod....i should be able to dl this file at the speed that i pay for....which sometimes its aviable at a website,then i get the full speed,...but the same file on a p2p program and comcast stops or limits it....and these files are not always on a website with full speed capabilities.....so i go to my p2p which i know lots of people have....and should get my full speed [at my speed would be around 700KBs,after powerboost]but i get blocked.....why?